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Fitness Trainer A English EREPS (level 3)

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Are you ready to kickstart your career as a fitness trainer? Sport & People offers the fully English on-demand Fitness Trainer Level 3 course. The course is fully recognized by the European (EREPS) fitness association.

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Fitness Trainer A (English) / Fitness Trainer Level 3 course

Are you ready to kickstart your career as a fitness trainer? Sport & People offers the fully English on-demand Fitness Trainer Level 3 course. The course is fully recognized by the Dutch (NL Actief) and European (EREPS) fitness association. 

The online course contains these unique features:

  • No fixed deadlines or due dates
  • Study at your own pace
  • Accessible for everyone
  • Course is written by several fitness and health professionals

Why Fitness Trainer Level-3? 

One of the starting points of Sport & People is to look closely at what the market needs: what does a client expect from a Fitness Trainer? And how can a fitness trainer deliver quality? When you have finished this online course and passed your tests, you will have a solid, basic knowledge in order to work as a Fitness Trainer.     


No specific prior education or prior knowledge is required. This course (Fitness Trainer on-demand) is set to the (EQF) level 3 standard. EQF level 3 is comparable to the Dutch MBO level 3. The participant must be at least 16 years old at the time of the exam. Mastering the English language and some experience with digital apps is a must. 

Content of the training

The course consists of 9 modules. After completing all modules you will have an understanding of the following subjects:

  • INTERACTION WITH CLIENTS Who are your clients and how treat them with respect, attention and provide service? This module includes interview techniques.
  • BEHAVIOUR CHANGE & CLIENT RETENTION How can you ensure that the client achieves results and can maintain them?
  • ANATOMY Learn how the body is built. You must know how the body works. 
  • EXERCISE PHYSIOLOGY In this module, you will gain more knowledge about energy systems and physical fitness.
  • NUTRITION Everything you need to know about healthy nutrition.
  • TRAINING Learn how to create an effective training programme?
  • INSTRUCTION Learn how to give instructions to ensure your clients move in a correct and safe way! 
  • HEALTH AND SAFETY  Create a safe environment! How can you prevent injuries? More knowledge about warming-up and cooling-down.

In short: during this course you will learn all the knowledge you need to guide and coach customers and help them achieve their goals. Everything you need to become a Fitness Trainer or a future Personal Trainer!

How long does the training take?

The study load is 110 to 200 hours. We would like to advise you to spend time regularly on this course (once a week). The maximum time for this course is 8 months. Need more time? No problem the team can help you with this.

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One of the additional obligations is to do an internship (70 hours). During your internship, you have to make several assignments. All assignments together will make your portfolio. 

This English course is set by European standards (EREPS).

Requirements to take the exam

To be able to take the practical exam, you have to meet several requirements:

  • You must have passed your portfolio (assignments) and internship assignments.
  • You have completed the online practice test.

Final exam and diploma

The final exam consists of three parts:

  • Theory exam (60 multiple choice questions. The scoring rate of 40 right questions is the minimum to pass the theory exam)
  • Internship and assignments.
  • Practical exam + lesson preparation

When you have passed the exam, you are Fitness Trainer A level 3 certified! Congratulations! Sport & People will arrange registration in the European register of EREPS. This membership has a fee of € 30,- per year. As a gift, we will pay for the first year of your registration. 


During the training you will receive the textbook ‘Foundations for Exercise Professionals’. And in your online, personal learning environment you have access to our online study material.

Do you want to be a Personal Trainer? We provide also a English level 4 course check all the information here:


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